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  • I was born in 1982 in Austin Texas & I have lived in Costa Rica, Las Vegas, Miami & San Francisco.
  • I played saxophone in high school.
  • In my free time, I enjoy watching TED talks, riding my bike, traveling, doing stand up comedy, reading & cooking.
  • Favorite quote “Be the person you needed when you
    were younger.”

After surviving cancer in 2008 at the age of 27, I chose to no longer be defined by what I can’t do, and decided I would be remembered for what I CAN do. When my hair started to grow back I felt like a new person. I started my journey by acknowledging the steps that would help me grow as a person. First I embraced obstacles then I challenged myself. Last, I created a life I didn’t need a vacation from. My career reached a fork in the road and I made the decision to start my own company with the experience I had gained from my past. With working hard, comes sacrifice. I have a great company today because of the solid and genuine reputation I built over the years. Community involvement is extremely important to me, because I grew up in an under privileged home in East Austin. I want kids to have the head start I never had & I have been involved in numerous projects that have helped restore faith in humanity over the years.

What does Feno3 mean? When I was looking to name my company I wanted something strong, something that represented me. Feno3 is the chemical compound for Iron Nitrate.

The purpose of a business is to create a customer that creates customers. Every business needs to be nurtured. I enjoy helping business owners be successful. Feno3 is the best investment you can make for your company. I shoot for an extremely high level of professionalism in my daily work ethic. I am constantly educating myself on marketing and advertising trends in order to better myself and for my clients to benefit from. Being humble, kind, patient, understanding & stepping out of my comfort zone is what I strive for.

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